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Andy's B5 A4: Chopped, Welded, and HACKED! // Summer Drift Series - Presented by Liqui Moly

Andy's back with his crazy RWD Audi to show you guys how to create this monster for yourself! Check out his in depth walk around on this unique tire slayer!

Let us know what you think, and as always leave any questions for Andy in the comments below!

Check out Andy's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2o7BhUPsA-K9slxY8X3UiQ

Summer Drift Series presented by Liqui Moly.
psil o cybin : fry all 4 tyres

William Weekes, Jr : Make more audi videos!!!
Dave Watt : Bare in mind the 150 from factory is a crank figure. The 247 shown there (unless calculated out by the machine) is at the wheels. 280 roughly at the crank nice gains
Illumijoshy : I'm so happy I came across this video. I've been in the process of converting my b5 avant cause I've never seen someone convert a wagon. Sick build man!
Ryan Walther : I got a 01 passat I’m ls swapping with a 4l60e trans what would you recommend I do for the rear end? Could I even keep the stock rear end or would I have to go with a solid rear axle and make coil over mounts??
Trystan Hoffmann : This video motivated me to rwd my b6 s4. With the b5 2.7t as the heart the thing shreds. Gonna weld the rear diff next. Sick build man! Please keep uploading!
freakyjord2025 : A B7 S4 would be a nice drift project
Ninja Bash : Awesome build guy.
Jianyue Tang : What did you do to the Torsen to make it work?

Stage 3++ (450HP) Audi A4

This was by far the most fun I have had filming an interview! I hope you guys enjoyed watching as much as I did driving this car!

Car owners instagram: @aeb1.8t

Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to see more!

Music: https://soundcloud.com/jeevs_music
Go check him out and give him the attention he deserves!
Adrian Vizner : This isn't 450 hp i have 300 hp in my previous a4 b5 and its 100% faster than this.. And type audi a4 b5 400hp into searching and you will see what 400 hp looks
Henry 19th : These cars are slow as fuck no matter what you do to them I’d GAP this shit in a base rsx
account : "this car, a b6" lmao its a b5
smash303 : The best way to test your power is a good dyno and at the track , i own a 2005 s4 my self and i have spend money to make it faster , i am not hating but your car is pushing 270 /280 ish maybe 300 tops , other than that it's a nice car looks clean
Kevon Douglas : Oooo noooooo this is not 450hp crank neither whp that seems more like 220hp don't do it to yourself
Nicolas jujihara : its a toilet
Jacob Martinez : my stage 2 is walking that
That_VR6_ Guy : 450 to the wheels
Dom : I think the now “old owner” inflated those numbers. I’d say 325-350 wheel
steplnw dotcom : 25psi of boost. i think 400hp but driver so noob.

IBreakAudis summer fun, burnouts, drift, etc in my RWD converted B5 A4

Some random phone clips this summer from NH, VT, SOWO, EUEX, Wolfsgart, Bagriders BBQ, and other trips.
Ondraasha : The firing exhaust looks stupid as hell.
bas de boer : Nice car! Btw how is the balance? Isn't it crazy understeered when driving normaly?
SansGarage : Nice video
Nicholas Brewster : You still running the stock axles in the back?
Aidan Ryan 458 : 1.8t?
Isse Sandberg : How much horsepower
Jay mcgill : What tune did you have??
Jms24 Sanz : can i do this to a s4?
Collen Sibizo : This is gold
EndLess : What you do to add the blow off valve




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