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GASHI - Safety (Lyric Video) ft. DJ Snake

“Safety” Feat. DJ Snake Out Now!

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#Gashi #DJSnake #Safety
sumaya rahman mim : that was just wow
木下健一 : Why is he underrated?
Aldi Lataj : hit
Jasmer Sanjotra : DJ SNAKE OP
Carlgst4lifefv : En mi VW Sedan, manejando sin rumbo de noche por toda la ciudad. El equipo de audio que tengo es excelente, el auto es ya un clásico y eso también lo hace mágico. Lo que más destaco es que ella me acompañe y de su propia voluntad tome mi mano.

Volteo a verla y su mirada es muy profunda, en su mente que para mi es un enigma están sucediendo muchas cosas y estoy seguro que casi a mis 25 años ella será ya la indicada, en ese momento empieza esta canción que dice mucho sobre nosotros, me da emoción, lo recuerdo para toda la vida...
Alma Zukovic : LOVE GASHI
Lizzy Singh : Why this song only got 57k likes
santiago : Me gusta :v
Sara k : Loved him since day 1 ❤

GASHI - Safety 2020 (Audio) ft. Chris Brown, Afro B, DJ Snake

GASHI - Safety 2020 feat. Chris Brown, Afro B \u0026 DJ Snake

GASHI, the debut album, OUT NOW!

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The official YouTube channel of RCA Records artist Gashi. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.

#GASHI #ChrisBrown #Safety2020
Reynaldo Dejuan : So cool
Alberi Arifaj : I am here for Gashi ❤️
Natalie Tantucci : Love it ✨✨✨✨
Александр Иванов :
Bülent Budak : Breezy
Gulled Hassen Jr. : Best
George Foster : Come over!!!
3 Ges : No need to write DJ snake on any beat just listen to it,,, if it’s grap you from your ear it’s his beat ,,,, let me give you a taste of what I’m talking about 1:18
Itsreallyian : This whole song is already a vibe but damn. This remix is
Bailey : The ending gives me nostalgia

Alter. - Safety

Alter. - Safety


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Artwork by Zaina A

Released by found/red

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#IndiePop #FuturePop #DarkPop #Alter
Alter. : I’ve been feeling extremely blessed to do what I love and make music for a living. This year has been prosperous for “Alter.” but as the old saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility” when I wrote this song it was getting harder for me to create songs without voices and opinions in my head.

this song was my attempt to confront those feelings head on, I don’t want to live my life in fear. I want to create honest amazing music. Thank you for being apart of the journey.

Safety is about finding the peace you had as a child again through love.


- Alter.
Cottonebot : 2020 and I still listen to alters music while gaming
T boi1839 : DIAl FOr men Body wash buy now
GauravXii : YouTube, please recommend me more song like this one.
GauravXii : This song is just beautiful.
O Ape : Any recommendations a song like this?
I Need more references
hidoshi1994 : absolutely gorgeous song, love it! what really catches me off guard are the first few seconds, it starts like a celtic style song, with the crows and whatnot
Last Name Awesome : Imagine being suuuper drunk and a lil baked, and this slapper is playing at a big ol festival, id probably pass out from too much dopamine
Lyrics Zoid : please make pt 2 of it pleasssssssssssssss...................
Dimorphic Leif's : 2020




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