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preparing to terminate an MI Cable

How to terminate a gland on MI Cable
Dennis : I used this lot when an electrician in England. We got many a shock from meggering the conductors to earth, IE conductors to the cladding.
Pyro makes super capacitors. You should always megger the prepared cable.
It takes in water so if the cable is left about with no seal on the end the cable should be heated with blow torch to drive the water out
Other wise you 're going to have a leaky cable. Then put on the termination.
Amazing stuff . I have seen a cable with 7 conductor's hammer well to flatter it. There was no shorts!
I loved the stuff.
Dave North : You ever actually done this on site? You're touching the end of the cable, you've run the shroud over the stripped cable rather than doing it before you stripped it, you've also put the gland on after you've stripped it too. That's so many opportunities for you to foul the cable end. I installed some of the pyro at your college.
Cut the cable, put the shroud on, carefully strip the insulation without ringing it, put the gland on then strip it and introduce the pot and the compound.
Don't use a vice. I don't know anyone that makes pyro off with a vice in the real world.
TD : How do you know which conductor is which?
Dewayne Fanchier : Great video, but the instructor should be wearing his PPE.
Emmanuel Chitongo : Great video but you need a new junior hacksaw mate ??

Our First Look at MI Cable (MICC) Stripping Using a Joy Stripper, Rotary Stripper and Key Stripper

In this video we take our first look at MICC cable (MI cable, Pryo Cable). This video was live in the workshop and was an introduction to MI cable. Sadly the sound crashed but this video lays the foundations of future videos on MICC fire resistant cable.

Understand and Carry Out Terminations and Connections of Conductors 5357 107.

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2 and 3.

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muzikman2008 : Ahhh.. Takes me back to my college days in 1989 mineral insulated cable.. Loved that stuff. I was always impressed how you could hit it with a hammer and still passed insulation resistance tests... Never used or done any since that day ? joystripper always reminded me of some happy strip joint employee ? great video as usual fellas.. Shame the audio disappeared.
richard french : Used lots of this stuff when I worked in a Steel Works. Could be rather difficult making it off into fixed switches, boxes etc.
Dex Whitmore : Watched part 2 of the MICC Skype and couldn't wait for the new MICC bits to be released so went trawling and found this....corned beef rocks, but I do prefer SPAM though.
Elecsmart Electricians Ltd : Yeah I remember them college days making that MI cable off, tough as old boots !

Glad to see a new generation using it as a lot of colleges don’t show budding Electricians even how to bend plastic conduit these days.

Shame your college isn’t too near southeast London, seems as though you have some decent apprentices .

I have been put off taking on anymore apprentices as I find a lot not all just don’t want to put the work in.

The job is learn’t through experience and training, but it looks like you have some eager students !

Keep up the good work !
BenjiBiker : ??
John Dufton : Only seems to get used in churches and historic buildings.
Richard Wash : Great video would loved to have heard the commentary .?
chrisrulez001 : Brilliant video on MICC Gaz, it was really great to watch.
William Martin Culleton : Gosh, nothing much has changed as I have the same tools as those which I used over 50 years ago, the pots have evolved & the beads, I often worked in multi core "pyro" and used to do hot seals.
Gary Latto : If Im remembering correctly did you use a putty type stuff when terminating ?

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