Vstarcam CB71 1080P Battery Mini Wifi IP Camera How to connect

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1. Full HD 1080P Mini Cameras.
2. Built-in 2600mAh Battery \u0026 2 years long standby time.
3. Wifi mode \u0026 DV recorder mode
4. PIR Human Motion Detections \u0026 Absence Detection alarm
5. Two-way Audio real time communication \u0026 IR-Cut Night Vision, invisibles IR lights.
6. 8-256GB TF card \u0026 Cloud storage


√ support sd card(8-256GB)
√ cloud service
√ The camera's size is 36.5 x 52mm
√ Visible SIM card slot and sd card slot
√ Contains magnetic mount, easy to install.
√ PIR Human detection Alarm
√ Absences Detection Alarm
√ Email, App push message, FTP
√ IOS √ Android √ Windows
√ 2 modes, 2 different usage.
√ Turn on the DV mode, use as the DV recorder or car dash camera
√ Compare to other brand camera, Vstarcam CB72 camera is built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, with one time full charge the standby time can be reach up to 2 years, lower power consumption.
√ USB power interface, it can be charged by the computer, the power bank or the socket outlet, easy to get full charged
√ 1/2.9 inch 1080p progressive scan CMOS sensor adopted, super clear visual experience, just like what you see with your own eyes.
√ 30fps frame rate, super stable and smoothly video playing, no stuck any more.
√ 6 foot PIR detection, more accurate detect, efficiently reduce the invalid alarm, which can efficiently filter the invalid alarm caused by curtain swing, light change, non-human passing, shacking, etc.
√ When detects human movement, the camera will immediately alarm you by your mobile phone.

Package Included:

1 x Vstarcam CB71 Mini Wifi Camera
1 x Magnetic stand
1 x USB cable
1 x Users manual


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