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Really nice product for the price. Got two of these cameras for the house and I’m really happy with the results and their performance.
They are easy to set up and the app is easy to use as well, it also offers a cloud service if you want to back up photos or video. In fairness the app was a bit glitchy at first when adding one of the cameras but it resolved itself within a few minutes and I haven’t had an issue since.
You can move the camera from your fingertips and it really has a wide frame to move in.
Comes with a color mode and a night mode that are really clear to see.
You can also set up parameters for an alarm to go off in response to movement or noise if you like.
The two way microphone is nice, while not the loudest, you can definitely have a conversation through it (and startle your husband when bored at work)
Overall really good product, especially for the price. I’m sure you could get more bells and whistles with a more expensive product but I think this is a perfect balance between cost and performance.

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