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1978 Toyota Pickup/Hilux 20R - CORRECT Distributor Installation

After much research and reading, it appears that many people do not know how to PROPERLY install a distributor in an engine, including me.

There are many videos on Youtube about this; most say get the engine to top dead center on the compression stroke for #1 piston. Unless your base engine timing is 0 Degrees TDC (Top Dead Center) this is NOT CORRECT. Your engine will be "out of tune" when you try to start it.

On this example (Toyota 20R engine) the base timing is 8 degrees BTDC (Before Top Dead Center) on the compression stroke. Manually setting the engine to this, using the timing marks on the crankshaft pulley, and then installing the distributor is the RIGHT way to do it, as your engine will be right on the money, or within 1 or 2 degrees; NOT 8 degrees "out of tune".

This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE on 4 cylinder engines, for starting and running, BEFORE you adjust the timing with a timing light later, after the engine warms up, which could take 5 to 10 minutes. I'd rather not have my engine running that long out of tune if I have a choice.

The only thing I did NOT illustrate in the video (sorry, I forgot at the time of filming) was a small fine adjustment before you "lock down" the distributor. When you install the distributor as described, look at the pick-up coil inside. One of the vanes or "paddles" on the reluctor ring should be very close to the exact center of the coil, if not perfectly lined up with it. Turn the distributor body until the vane lines up with the center of the coil. It will not take much movement to do this. Once you get it, tighten down the clamp bolt \u0026 you should be near perfect on timing. Of course, double check later with a timing light to be sure.

An interesting side note: The common conception (or misconception) of bring the engine to TDC, then installing the distributor with the rotor pointed at #1 spark plug tower, seems to come from FLATHEAD engines of the past. Flathead engines were much lower in compression (95 to 110 PSI and 6:1 to 6.75:1 compression ratios). They also had slower idle speeds, usually 500 - 650 RPM. Total ignition advance for flatheads was on the order of 20 degrees.

More modern overhead valve \u0026 overhead cam engines are higher (Example: Toyota 20R - Compression 125 - 135 PSI and 8.4:1 compression ratio, idle speed 850 - 875 RPM, total ignition advance 36 degrees).

Flathead engines usually have a base timing setting of 2 to 4 degrees BTDC (Before Top dead Center) so setting to TDC is close enough, being only a few degrees "out". But if you do this to a more modern Chevy Small Block with a stock base timing of 12 degrees BTDC, you can see the problem. When engine is started, timing is 12 degrees retarded (spark happens at the very top of stroke, instead of just before coming to the top on compression. This is lost power, and can actually cause internal engine damage that gets very expensive very quickly.

Sorry for the ramble, but I have been studying \u0026 learning about ignition timing, and I'm finding that how it works is very interesting. I'm also mad that no one before now has ever told me the correct way to do this, despite being on this planet for more than several decades.




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