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The New Ultra-Thin Thinkpad Is Here

Lenovo has updated the Thinkpad X1 Carbon. The new X1 Carbon 7th generation features a 4K UHD display, improved audio performance and exposed carbon fiber.

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Mahesh Naithani : Which particular model is this
Kratos : Is there lightup keyboard?
Sudeepta Ghosh : Is there any app or software which limit the charging to 90? For Windows?
JaySean Ochia : Thinner but powerful, I think I can't afford it very extensive expensive one...
LEMON gaming : Fuck you
SPADEY 0007 : If u cn give me this for the study n research it will be helpful for me
David Lewis : Dude I’m in the laptop market for a minute and I’m loving your videos bro!! Keep it up charisma
Awesome world videos : Is Lenovo T440s is a great laptop worth buying??
Mohammad Riyad : The most hilarious thing in almost all of most recent reviews by any channel - hey we can open it using one hand. How peoples attention are being drawn into unnecessary characteristic.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Review

Dave2D review of Lenovo's Thinkpad P1- the thinnest and lightest workstation laptop they make.
ThinkPad P1 -

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Dave Lee : The ThinkPad P1 is ripe - It's one of the best performing thin and light laptops on the market. Thanks for watching!
Rishab Tirupathi : Wait so it’s upgradable and has lots of ports like older thinkpads, but is thin like new laptops? Yay
Shashank Shekhar : I have a 2 year old Lenovo P52 and I have to say this is one the best laptops I have ever used, and I have quite a few from different brands :). The built quality and performance is just unmatched.
Harsh Ranjan : Hi Dave,

Can you please tell about the monitor which you've in your background or suggest few good ones? Thanks!
Nahum James : If only they could remove the ugly track point, the diagonal thinkpad logo, and position the mouse buttons in the traditional position, the design point would go wayyy up. Idk why most people don't talk about this. The whole thing looks dated, no matter how good it performs
Hägar Der GROßE : Dave, can you please check brightness in future? Because I have bought Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 2 UHD with 500 nits and also a Colorimeter (SpyderX Pro). With DisplayCal I have measured only 265 nits (uncalibrated so as it is from Lenovo).
Michael Majano : Hi sir dave which one is better removable battery or built in battery in laptop?
NaufalTisyadi : trackpoint is effective when you use your laptop on your lap while leaning your back to a horizontal surface--kinds of half sitting half laying. you know the lazy position when you are half laying while your head is tilted towards your laptop with the support of various things such as pillows or etc. in that position your hand will be situated awkwardly so that scrolling through the page with trackpad is uncomfortable. when that happened scrolling from pages with the help of trackpoint is a brilliant feeling. seamless and comfortable. that is the point of trackpoint: to fully utilize scroll in an extreme condition--which you might find if you bring your laptop to an outdoor work.
Pacer Shark : You can't Buy this laptop anymore. I JUST checked the website 8 seconds ago.
For you tech : Buy on discount Rate;
Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6" Anti Glared HD Premium Business Laptop (AMD A9-9425 up to 3.7 GHz, 8GB DDR4 Memory, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon R5 Graphic, DVD-RW, HDMI, Windows 10 Home) - Purple

A look at the ThinkPad T480

Hello everyone! Here is my long-awaited video about the ThinkPad T480, a laptop that to many represents the end of an era for ThinkPads. In this video I'll be giving some of my thoughts about it, discussing some of the biggest pros and cons of the machine, and seeing how it stacks up against one of my favorite classic ThinkPads. Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for watching!
Abdullah Sultan : mehh I just have been using a t460p for 4 years and its running even dropped it from my table and lap a couple of times and still nothing big. The performance of my i7 6700hq is similar to the i7 8550U and its better since it doesn't throttle much all due to the dual cooling pipes when compared to t480. I do like having coreboot but not possible as far as I know and ill wait for it.
mayukh pankaj : can we add a gpu like mx250 ?
Gr8thxAlot : Great review! I love the T480 I use for work. It's maxed out and crunches huge spreadsheets and runs taxing development tools with ease. The WQHD screen is so nice.

I'm typing this on my personal T60. It was $0, has a better keyboard, form factor, Thinklight, and has a real lid latch. I consider it the better laptop. :-)
dominoanty : T480 has an extreme throttling problem. I have been using it since December 2018 and it's a totally frustrating experience when it comes to performance compared to my older gaming laptop.

I have tried various different ways to solve it :
1. Applied Arctic Silver thermal paste.
2. Undervolt to -110mV on Throttlestop.
3. OC GPU on Afterburner (Unable to get stable overclocks)
4. TPFanControl on 7/64.
5. Uninstall Intel Thermal drivers on Driver Manager.

But it's all pointless, because if you even want to do light gaming, this laptop just won't let you. It'll run fine for 5-10 minutes like a tease and then, throttles EXTREMELY hard. Down to ~1 GHz, the PC becomes unusable as you scramble to shutdown everything (especially if you have earphones on). And the CPU/GPU barely has to breach 70 deg C for it to start throttling when ambient temps are near 30 deg C. (Okay okay, sometimes if I turn on the Air Conditioning, I can get it to run fine on low graphics settings.)

It's mostly okay on programming tasks and runs heavy IDEs like Intellij and a few 10s of chrome tabs. But all in all, you are paying for power that you'll NEVER get to use upto the full potential.

I got the 72+24Wh battery and it has decayed a decent bit since the time I've got it. It lasts about 6 hours compared to the 8-10 I did when I first got it. But I also have the WQHD screen which might eat up a bit more battery.

All in all, I'm definitely happy about the build and portability coming from a lumbering gaming laptop, but I would not recommend this ThrottlePad if you're doing even the lightest bit of gaming/intensive work like rendering.
Bruno : I don't agree at all. New ThinkPads are fucking great! The 14 is incredible.
S15Fox : Regarding CPU performance rollercoaster under load: grab Intel XTU and see what Turbo Boost Power Max and Turbo Boost Short Power Max are set to. If to 51W like on mine, or anywhere above 20W, here's the answer. Someone at either Lenovo or Intel with a high density brain has allowed the recent Intel-powered laptops' CPUs to boost to waaaaaaaay beyond what the cooling system can handle. Decreasing these values to what the cooling system can actually handle makes the laptop faster by completely eliminating the annoying thermal throttling.
BlackBlueColor : For me x220 only
Léo Bitencourt : Hey, would you make a video on the Thinkpad E series? I know they're not up to the same standards the rest of the Thinkpads and are not well-regarded by the community, but I would very much like to watch a video on them.
Dan Nielsen : Do you have a partslist, or maybe a link, to where to buy the display upgrade for the T430? As there seems to be some clones around... An d it is a little hard to tell which ones are the best
Nervous Nick : You Speak Too Fast!




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